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Friday, October 22, 2021

First pic of actor Jacob Fortune-Loyd as Brian Epstein in "Midas Man"

Jacob Fortune-Loyd ("The Queen's Gambit") strikes a pose as Beatles manager Brian Epstein in the upcoming biopic, "Midas Man." Actress Rosie Day ("Outlander") will play singer Cilla Black, Variety announced.

“One of the reasons we loved Jacob for this role is that Brian Epstein was the personification of dapper, quintessential charisma, and Jacob felt like the man to bring that to life,” said the film’s producer Kevin Procter in a statement. “The fact that he’s been able to do just that to such electrifying effect in one image shows that we have the right guy.”

Fortune-Lloyd added: “It has been inspiring to learn about Brian’s life and his achievements, and it is an enormous honour to represent him on screen. His style is a key ingredient to my understanding of his character. It reveals his flair, creativity, sensitivity and good taste. And his fastidious elegance was also a kind of armour against a challenging, sometimes dangerous world.”

More here

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Coming Up: "Hide Your Love Away: An Intimate Story of Brian Epstein as told by Larry Stanton"

A new book about the Beatles' manager featuring the recollections of a man who reportedly carried out a four-year relationship with him.

Out Dec. 2. Order from Amazon now.


While Brian Epstein was basking in the attainment of fame with the Beatles and traveling worldwide, he also was struggling with a concealed darker side of life. The artists he managed had no knowledge of the demons Brian hid within, but due to a chance meeting, Larry Stanton became a mutual confidant. Hide Your Love Away takes place during the sixties music revolution with Brian in the forefront of historical changes and both in the midst of Hollywood and British luminaries. Notorious London gangsters and music moguls who played in the demise of the internationally recognized manager are disclosed. "Hide Your Love Away" narrates the details of Brian and Larry's four-year close and personal relationship and the introduction of a young manipulative man who became the toxic lover may be responsible for Brian's early death. "Hide Your Love Away" shares Brian and Larry's quest for true love and supportive companionship when the laws in England and the U.S. kept gay men and women locked in the closet.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Details on upcoming Brian Epstein bio-pic: "The Man Who"

Some new production news from the upcoming Brian Epstein film produced by Tom Hanks and Jude Law. Apparently Dennis Quaid is playing Ed Sullivan!(?)

THE MAN WHO is the incredible story of Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, seen through the lens of a fictional interview on the Ed Sullivan Show. It’s a brilliant concept – the antithesis of a traditional staid biopic. By examining Brian’s life through this prism – which ultimately proves to be Brian’s dying memories – it allows us to play fast and loose with time and structure, reality and fantasy, and really get under his skin. It also offers us a glimpse of the Beatles phenomenon from Brian’s unique perspective, which has never been seen before.

Starring Dennis Quaid (Ed Sullivan), Dominic Cooper (Brian Epstein), Ben Schnetzer (John Lennon)

Watch: Restored Lennon-Epstein film "The Hours and Times" coming to select theaters

First released in 1992, "The Hours and Times" is a fictionalized account of John Lennon and Brian Epstein's visit to Spain in 1963.


In the four days they spend together there, the suave Epstein (David Angus) and the provocative Lennon (Ian Hart in his first starring role) reflect on their lives, both private and professional, as they explore the unique bond they share. Munch’s sparse and intimate narrative, captured with exquisite black-and-white cinematography, is a thoughtful meditation on friendship and sexuality, crafted around a brief moment in the lives of two extremely well-known pop figures. The Hours and Timesis both written and directed by American filmmaker Christopher Munch, his feature directorial debut. It was first released in 1992 after premiering at the Toronto and Sundance Film Festivals. Oscilloscope Labs will re-release The Hours and Times in US theaters starting March 1st (beginning in NYC) coming up soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bravo to develop "The Fifth Beatle" mini series

Bravo is set to adapt a graphic novel telling the story of Beatles manager Brian Epstein into a limited TV series, Variety reports.

Produced by Universal Cable Productions and Sonar Entertainment, the project is based on “The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story,” the Dark Horse Comics graphic novel penned by Vivek J. Tiwary with art by Andrew C. Robinson and Kyle Baker. Tiwary will pen the series adaptation and serve as executive producer along with Leopoldo Gout. Bravo said the project has secured access to the Lennon-McCartney song catalog for use in the series.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Vintage pic: Brian Epstein and Ringo Starr

A pic of Brian and Ringo on the way to Australia - by way of Hawaii - to join the rest of the Beatles, who'd been performing with stand-in drummer Jimmie Nicol while Ringo recovered from tonsilitis.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Brian Epstein posters appear around Liverpool

Several posters depicting and mentioning the late Beatles manager have appeared in spots around the city, the Liverpool Echo reports.
The posters are part of a citywide celebrate of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

... One of the billboards includes the quote ‘Brian Epstein Died for You’, speaking about the quote, artist Jeremy Deller said: “The phrase, ‘Brian Epstein Died for You’, though short, carries with it ideas of belief and self-sacrifice, two strong aspects of Christianity and indeed most mainstream religions.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Beatles Bits: Weekly news roundup

The so-called "Holy Grail" Beatles record - a 78-r.p.m. acetate Brian Epstein had made of some of the band's Decca recordings - sold for £77,500 at auction this week.

Brian Epstein's visit to the HMV record store in London to have this disk made was pivotal to the Beatles' history.

The engineer there who transferred the Decca recordings to disk, Jim Foy, liked what he heard and was impressed that the songs were Lennon-McCartney originals. That led to Epstein meeting representatives from EMI's music publishing arm and, ultimately, George Martin - who gave the band a recording contract after they'd been rejected by nearly every label in Britain.


In a considerably better bargain, a Colorado man bought a "butcher cover" version of the Yesterday ... And Today album for $5. This was one of the copies where the offending picture was pasted over with the photo of the Beatles posing amidst luggage.


Beatles recording engineer Geoff Emerick discusses his role as adviser for "The Sessions," a live touring show that allows audiences to witness recreated recording sessions by the Fab Four, with songs performed by a tribute band.
Although the music is fully licensed, The Beatles do not endorse any tributes. Having Emerick on board as adviser brings an imprimatur of legitimacy to this production. “For all that has been written about it, there was really only a handful of people in the room,” Emerick points out. “George Martin always kept control. There was a sense of calm on his sessions, and a lot of humour. When it’s not fun, that’s when problems start. George was a great enabler and facilitator. But when it comes to genius, if you want to use that word, it came from the band themselves. The Beatles were the originators.”

French animation studio Superpod is working on a TV adaptation of Ringo Starr's song "Octopus' Garden."
SUPERPROD secured the rights in a deal with Simon & Schuster, Universal Music Publishing and Startling Music. The book Octopus’s Garden features Starr’s lyrics illustrated by Ben Cort, the artist behind Aliens Love Underpants. Superights will represent the international rights for the animated program.
Clément Calvet, the president of SUPERPROD, and Jeremie Fajner, the managing director at SUPERPROD, commented: “We are particularly proud and happy to work on this great book and music. The evergreen song by Ringo Starr and the superb drawings by Ben Cort are a wonderful setting for telling our animated stories. We are thrilled to team up with such great talents and major partners in the music and book publishing industries.”

Martin Guitars has released a John Lennon model D-28. It'll set you back $5K+.

The new D-28 John Lennon makes its debut at Musikmesse 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany April 7-10 and features John Lennon’s famous self-portrait illustration on the rosewood headplate, along with a beautiful mother-of-pearl, John Lennon themed design inlaid on the ebony fingerboard.


A provision in U.S. copyright law may help Paul McCartney finally regain some rights over his Beatles songs.
When Michael Jackson passed away, his estate retained the rights to the catalog, but recently the estate sold those rights to Sony/ATV for $750 million. The US Copyright Act of 1976, however, allows songwriters to reclaim the rights to their songs 56 years after they were written. This gives McCartney the chance to recapture his share. 
As Billboard reports, McCartney has already made moves to claim his portion of the Lennon-McCartney collection, filing a termination notice for 32 songs written between 1962 and 1964 with the U.S. Copyright Office on December 15, 2015.

"Only the McCartney half of the Lennon/McCartney songs are eligible for termination, and only for the US," a source told Billboard. "Sony/ATV still owns [those] Beatles songs in the rest of the world."

Friday, March 18, 2016

Beatles Bits: Weekly news roundup

Pop star Demi Lovato recounts the time she almost ran over Paul McCartney.
“I almost hit him with my car,” Lovato told Jonas of her encounter with McCartney during Demi and Nick’s live stream session on March 16, where Lovato confessed that she didn’t even know at the time that her altercation involved one of the most famous musicians in the world.

Paul McCartney is doing a comedy sketch cameo on British TV as part of a benefit for the Sports Relief charity.
Sir Paul McCartney is to make a cameo appearance in the new Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em sketch for Sport Relief.

The Beatles star will be seen in the revival of the hit sitcom as an everyday pop legend taking a stroll in the park and talking on his phone.


Luxury Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil has created a limited edition Beatles model that will set you back $2,400.
One of the quirkiest features on the watch are the 13 album titles that are marked on the dial.

Simon Cowell is set to produce a biopic of Beatles manager Brian Epstein. This is a separate project from the graphic novel-based TV series in production: "The Fifth Beatle."
"A Life in the Day" will detail the story of Brian Epstein, who discovered the Fab Four during an appearance at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England in 1961, and helped to turn them into global superstars before he died from a drug overdose in 1967, aged 32.

Sony Corp. has purchased the rights to the Beatles song catalog formerly owned by Michael Jackson for $750 million.
In the deal announced late Monday, the Japanese electronics and entertainment giant agreed to buy out the Michael Jackson estate's half of their joint venture Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The company owns 3 million copyrights and represents artists such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift and the Beatles.
A New York Times story recounts how Jackson attained the rights in the first place.

Negatives to more than 100 stolen photos taken around the time of John Lennon's wedding to Yoko Ono in 1969 have been recovered.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Test record that helped launch the Beatles' career going up for auction

Most Beatles fans know the fabled tale of a dejected Brian Epstein visiting the HMV record shop in London to have some of the group's rejected Decca tapes transferred onto disk.

That move put him in touch with the music publishers who ultimately opened the door to EMI and to the Beatles recording with George Martin.

And now, one of the disks made that day is going up for auction, complete with handwritten labels, by Epstein, on both sides.

The 78 rpm record features original tune "Hello Little Girl" on one side and the group's cover of "Till There Was You," popularized by Peggy Lee, on the other. The label on the first side reads "John Lennon and the Beatles" while the flip "reads "Paul McCartney and the Beatles." This was presumably done to highlight the fact that the Beatles featured multiple lead vocalists.

The first side also includes a hand-written "Lennon-McCartney" credit - again, likely to highlight another of the group's strengths: they wrote their own material.

Additionally, "Hello Little Girl" is spelled British style, "Hullo Little Girl" on the handwritten label.

According to a BBC report, the record "lay forgotten" for decades in the home of Gerry and the Pacemakers keyboardist Les Maguire.

Monday, February 23, 2015

New plaque marks Brian Epstein's Liverpool home

A plaque marking the birthplace of Beatles manager Brian Epstein at 4 Rodney Street was unveiled in Liverpool over the weekend.
It was unveiled by Watford's Viv Jones, once an employee of Epstein, who said she was "very proud" to honour "the man who made the Beatles".

John Lennon's half-sister Julia Baird and Jeni Crowley who was secretary of The Beatles fan club were also at the ceremony.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Liverpool musicians unite in support of Brian Epstein statue

A group of Liverpool musicians, including Merseybeat star Billy J. Kramer, are teaming up to support a new statue of Beatles manager Brian Epstein in the city.

A concert and new single, titled "Our Friend," will raise money for the project, which is budgeted at £70,000. The statue will be created by Tom Murphy, who created a statue of John Lennon on display at the city's John Lennon Airport.
The Statue 4 Eppy Concert will take place on Saturday 28 February 2015 at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool hosted by BBC Radio Merseyside’s Billy Butler.
The date of the concert is one of particular significance as it also marks the official release of the recently recorded single, Our Friend, official song of the campaign.

The song has been written by Statue 4 Eppy campaigner, Bob Pitt, and includes the voices of Andy McCluskey, Beryl Marsden, Ian Prowse, Ian McNabb, Tricia Penrose, Derek Acorah, Paul Barber and John McArdle. The song also features Billy J Kramer, who was managed by Brian at the height of the Merseybeat era.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Artifacts: Beatles stock certificates authorizing same of NEMS

Up for bid at Heritage Auctions.

The death of Brian Epstein in August 1967 forever changed the Beatles' world. Gone was the man who singularly took care of all of their business (and many of their personal) needs and dealings. Gone also was the one individual whom the Beatles trusted implicitly to keep things moving, freeing them to become the artistic force that they were. And although their creativity and musical output remained undiminished, many historians put the "beginning of the end" of the group at Epstein's passing. The Beatles were now thrust into business dealings that formerly would have been handled by Brian, leading to differences in opinion among the members about their management needs, and their financial matters.

Beginning in 1962, the Beatles management contract was with Brian's company NEMS Ltd., and Brian later bestowed a minority ownership interest in the company to the four members. Upon Brian's death, his majority ownership stake in NEMS passed to his mother, Queenie Epstein, with the balance of ownership being held by his brother, Clive Epstein, the business manager of NEMS. With the group struggling to grasp the complexity and enormity of their business empire and unable to agree on their future management, Clive Epstein was approached by the British firm Triumph Investment Trust Ltd. with an offer to purchase NEMS (which by this time had been renamed Nemporer Holdings). After giving the Beatles the option to purchase the company themselves - for which they missed the deadline - an agreement to sell Nemporer to Triumph, for a mixture of cash and Triumph stock, was reached in April 1969.

This lot consists of six original certificates transferring the NEMS/Nemporer shares of each Beatle - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) - as well as Queenie Epstein and Clive Epstein, for the acquisition by Triumph. The certificates are dated April 1, 1969 (Clive Epstein), April 19, 1969 (Queenie Epstein), and July 30, 1969 for each of the four Beatles. The documents have been individually signed by each shareholder, and each details the amount of Nemporer shares exchanged, and the payment received for those shares. Various stamps, seals, and initialing by the parties involved are also present.

In all, this extremely rare and illuminating lot of business documents provides a glimpse into the non-public inner workings of the Beatles, at a time when the bonds that held them together were dissolving. Yet, they were still making incredible music. According to EMI logs, the date listed on the certificates signed by the Beatles, July 30, found the group at Abbey Road recording their swan song LP, named after the studio. Among the tracks worked on that day, perhaps tellingly, was "You Never Give Me Your Money".