Artifact: "Murray the K Comes on Monday" sign created by John Lennon

Via Heritage Auctions:
An incredible, one-of-a-kind artifact from an event that defined the 1960s, with John Lennon at its center. Here is an actual hand-made sign from the Montreal Bed-In For Peace, reading "MURRAY THE K COMES ON MONDAY," boldly signed and dated at the event by John and Yoko Ono, and made especially notable for the mention of famous American radio personality "Murray The K" Kaufman. This sign was affixed to the wall of the Montreal hotel suite, to the left of the bed (John's side), and appears prominently in photographic and video records of the event, including the film of the recording of "Give Peace A Chance", where the sign can be seen directly between John and Tommy Smothers as they play their guitars.