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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Mary Wilson of the Supremes recounts meeting the Beatles

Paul with the Supremes, later in the 60s

Chicago radio station WXRT is featuring an interview with Supremes co-founder Mary Wilson that was taped at last summer's Fest for Beatles Fans, in which Wilson recounts meeting the band in 1964. Wilson passed away earlier this week.

“We did meet them in 1964 in New York City when they did the big concert in New York and they were staying at the Warwick Hotel,” Wilson said. “We were working on the Ed Sullivan Show and the Ed Sullivan Show was doing that thing where we’d rehearse for an entire week. Anyway our PR guy and their PR person got together and were like ‘wouldn’t it be great to get these two supergroups together?’”

She continues: “We had to go to the Warwick to meet them and I remember pulling up into this limousine, Flo [Ballard], Diane [Ross], and I, and all these girls come screaming at the limo. I guess they thought one of The Beatles was in it. When they saw it was just three Black girls, they just left us and went back to wishing for The Beatles to come out. We did go up to their suite and hung out with them for a while. They weren’t that excited about us and we weren’t that excited about them because I guess we interrupted their little private party since it was mostly guys up there.”

“Years later though when George Harrison and I became very dear friends I went to visit his country house with he and his wife Olivia and he said, ‘Mary, you girls were so square and we thought that three Black girls were going to be really groovy and this and that and you guys were like killing our’ you know whatever!”