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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

End of year Beatles "copyright dump" planned?

Last year around this time, nearly 60 previously unreleased Beatles recordings from 1963 - mostly radio performances and studio outtakes - were quietly made available for download on iTunes. You can still get them here.

The reason was to protect the copyright on these materials which, in Europe, go public domain 50 years after their recording unless "published."

Other artists, including the Beach Boys and Bob Dylan also released material late in the year for the same reason, with Dylan releasing his works on limited edition vinyl.

Sony has announced a new Dylan set of 1964 material:

Bob Dylan Public Domain, 50th anniversary recordings (1964) will be a one off pressing limited to 1000 across Europe. The format will be a 9 piece LP Vinyl in a slipcase.
Release date 8th Dec (this is likely to move back one week)

Will the Beatles follow suit? And, if so, will the release appear on vinyl or CD, or be digital-only as last year?

The 1963 downloads last year reportedly generated a decent amount of revenue, although Apple did its best not to promote the availability of the songs. The Beatles camp evidently viewed this as material they'd rather not make public, but were forced to in order to prevent bootleggers from making all the money off it.

Of course, the 1963 downloads soon turned up on bootleg CDs and vinyl, anyhow.

We'll keep a close lookout for any announcement of a 1964 copyright dump by the Fabs. Please contact us if you see/hear anything. Also, if you know what such a set might include, please send us a list. We haven't done the homework to determine what such a set might include!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Download lost McCartney track "Love My Baby"

Paul McCartney's site is offering the lost 1974 track "Love My Baby" as a free download today.

"Love My Baby" is available as a free download only and is not included on the remastered versions of McCartney's Venus and Mars and Wings at the Speed of Sound, both out today. Go here to get it.

'Love My Baby' was recorded as part of the film 'One Hand Clapping'. Filmed in Studio 2 at Abbey Road, in late summer of 1974, the documentary captures Paul playing numbers from Band on the Run with Wings.
Paul has said of the film: "'One Hand Clapping'. It’s nice to see that one re-surfacing. It was made by a friend of mine, David Litchfield; he produced a little magazine that was funky (Ritz, co-edited with David Bailey). We decided that he would shoot a very simple piece, on video. We would just go into Abbey Road and play basically what we had rehearsed. So we went in there and it was very simply filmed, absolute basic stuff, and I think its charm now is that there’s no pretence. It is what it is. We just called it 'One Hand Clapping', for absolutely no reason."

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mystery "train music" in "A Hard Day's Night" - Ringo doesn't have a clue

The subject of much online debate in Beatles circles over the past week or two has been the identity of the group heard performing over Ringo's transistor radio early on in the "A Hard Day's Night" film.

As you recall, Ringo switches on his radio and starts grooving, much to the annoyance of the uptight establishment gentleman the band ends up sharing a cabin with.

The music is fairly generic, by-the-numbers instrumental rock and it's been debated for years whether it's performed by the Beatles -- making this an otherwise unreleased rarity -- or some other group.

As recounted by Beatles Examiner, Chris Carter, the host of Breakfast with the Beatles radio show, recently aired the full version of the track and is of the mind that it's the Fabs:
“I think it's 'them' for the following reasons: It sounds like them. The tape box said 'The Beatles.' If it was another group, that other group would have claimed it was them sometime in the last 50 years! It was found along with other music not used in the film by George Martin.”
Others aren't so sure. Including, it turns out, Ringo himself. Asked about the song this week, he said:

“I'm afraid I have to help keep it a mystery. I don't remember.”
You can hear the music in the video below, about four minutes in:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014