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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Beatles social media gallery Jan. 11, 2020

Social media highlights from the Beatles and friends this week.

Peace and love.

I recommend it highly snowmobiling what a great day Thank you Caleb. Peace and love peace and love. 

Ringo: "I love the mountains!"
Pattie Boyd
Drawing by John Lennon
PARIS, 1961⠀
John: "Paris has always been the object of English romanticism, hasn't it? I fell for Paris first of all, even before Hamburg. I remember spending my 21st birthday there with Paul in 1961" ⠀

In October 1961, @JohnLennon and @PaulMcCartney hitch-hiked to Paris with the £100 Aunt Mater had given John for his 21st birthday. They hung out with their photographer friend Jürgen Vollmer and returned to Liverpool a fortnight later, having traded in their 'rocker' haircuts for a new combed down, diagonally styled look (that from then on would famously be known as Beatle 'mop top' haircuts), styled by Jürgen.⠀
Here's John, photographed by Jürgen, under the Eiffel Tower in Paris in early October 1961.
Local Children / Paul and Stella, Caribbean, 1979. One of the photos featured in @LindaMcCartney’s major photographic retrospective. Catch the #LindaRetrospective @glasgowkelvingrove until this Sunday 12th January #PaulMcCartney #LindaMcCartney @StellaMcCartney #StellaMcCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Barbados