Vintage Beatles pic: John

Christmas in (nearly) July - a Beatles advent calendar

Vintage Beatles pic: Paul

Vintage Beatles sheet music folios: "Ticket to Ride" and "Yes it Is"

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The Beatles in Showtime magazine, 1965

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The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper" on reel-to-reel tape

Vintage Beatles "Revolver" songbook

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Vintage Beatles songbook

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Vintage Beatles saucer

Vintage Beatles pic: Richards Lester and Starkey on the set of "Help!"

Vintage Rutles button

Vintage mag: The Beatles in TV Times

Vintage mage: "Where are the Beatles?" in the Radio Times, 1972

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Vintage Yoko Ono picture sleeve single: "Run, Run, Run"

Vintage Beatles pics: Ringo

Vintage Beatles "Yellow Submarine" movie poster, Japan