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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

History: Jane Asher interview in Fabulous Magazine March 21, 1965

THE FIRST disc that Jane Asher ever bought was 'Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour On The Bed Post Overnight?' by Lonnie Donegan.

"I've changed a lot since those days," said Jane. She smoothed back her long red hair in a thoughtful fashion. "I'm very fond of rhythm and blues now. Chuck Berry and Sonny Boy Williamson are two of my favourites."

She only has one great hate in the music world and that's traditional jazz.

"I just don't like it. It sets my teeth on edge. Some modern jazz is okay. I have records by Dave Brubeck and Duke Ellington and I like them."

Some time ago Jane went to audition for a record company to cut a disc.

"I was trembling like a leaf," said Jane, "and the song came out sounding rather like a rusty door on very squeaky hinges. It was never issued. As a singer, I make a very good actress."

At that moment Jane's brother, Peter, walked into the room. There's no mistaking the family resemblance. Pete has a shorter thatch of that magnificent red hair of which Jane is rightly proud.

"Here's the star of the family," said Jane, introducing me. "Pete has just cut his first disc with a school friend named Gordon."

The number is called 'World Without Love' and the boys call themselves simply Peter and Gordon. "Who wrote it?" I asked.
"John and Paul," replied Jane.
"Paul who?" I inquired innocently. Jane shot me a withering glance.

I left looking suitably withered.