Thursday, May 31, 2018

Video: Wings' "With a Little Luck" - number 1 in the U.S. 40 years ago today

Out soon: "Fab 4 Mania" graphic novel details a young fan's obsession

Out in June from Fantagraphics Books. Order from Amazon now.


Critically acclaimed cartoonist Carol Tyler recreates the exhilaration and excitement of Beatlemania at its height in 1965, her personal obsession with the Beatles, and her odyssey that leads her to the famous Beatles Chicago concert later that year. Told in the voice of its 13-year-old author, Fab 4 Mania is a facsimile of the diary that she kept throughout 1965, and is brimming with rich period details, humor, and insight. It’s a look into the life of a teenager from a working-class family whose love of music awakens her senses and opens her up to the world beyond that of small-town Fox Lake, Illinois. It is also about the Beatles, as seen through the eyes of a young, giddy teenager and a reflective, adult artist, and the joy the band gives.

Beatles at Shea Stadium commemorative envelope, 1965

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"Yellow Submarine" 7-inch picture disk coming from the Beatles - teaser video


This July marks the 50th anniversary of our animated classic film, Yellow Submarine. On its release in 1968, Yellow Submarine was instantly recognised as a landmark achievement. The film combined pioneering animation techniques, dazzling visual invention, witty dialogue and of course glorious music. As part of the celebrations, we are releasing this picture disc of the title song, Yellow Submarine b/w Eleanor Rigby, which together was originally released as the band’s 13th single in August 1966. Get yours at: The limited edition 7” single features images taken from the high resolution 4K restoration of the film. Come join us 80,000 leagues under the sea, to a place where peace, love and music reign supreme!

Vintage Beatles pic: Paul and John

Thursday, May 24, 2018

"Holy Grail" film footage of the Beatles in Japan will stay underwraps

Via The Asahi Shimbun:

Footage of The Beatles filmed in 1966 during their only Japanese tour will remain in the Tokyo metropolitan government vaults after a high court upheld a ruling dismissing a Nagoya-based citizens’ group’s demand for its release.

At the Tokyo High Court on May 23, presiding Judge Hiroshi Noyama supported the lower court’s verdict that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s decision to not disclose some of the footage was “reasonable.”

About 35 minutes of footage was taken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department from June 29, 1966, through July 3, 1966, as part of a security operation for the British band that implemented strict measures to protect its four members, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The film is currently in police storage.

More here.


"My Old Friend" - a play about John and Paul's final, 1980, visit

New Jersey Stage has an interview with Stephen Larsen, author of "My Old Friend," a fictionalized account of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's final visit together in late 1980.

Was the November 5th meeting real or fiction for the story?  I believe it was real. According to Jack Douglas, John’s record producer on Double Fantasy – and who was working with John on the night he was shot – John and Paul had at least one writing session in the Dakota (building where Lennon lived). A follow-up session was cancelled when John was waiting for Paul to show up and was told that Paul did not show; Paul, on the other hand, was told that John was too busy to work with him that day.

Besides Douglas, others who have corroborated that John and Paul were taking initial steps to collaborate again were Linda McCartney (who told Carl Perkins about it – Carl Perkins is a key character in this play) and James McCartney (Paul and Linda’s son, born Sept. 12, 1977) who said “I know John held me as a baby… I have memories of the Dakota building, very white, lots of sunlight pouring in.” Now, since John and Paul had last seen each other before James was born, on or around April 24, 1976 (the night when they watched Lorne Michaels offer the Beatles a check for $3,000 to appear on Saturday Night Live and they joked about driving down the take Michaels’ up on the offer)… and James remembers the White Room of John’s Dakota apartment (which appears prominently in my play), I figured James was maybe around 3 years old when he was there… so that puts it in the vicinity of Sept. 1980.

Which leads us to how I decided the date of John and Paul’s détente meeting was Nov. 5, 1980. Simple. Paul was in England the fall of 1980 until Nov. 4, when he flew to NYC to oversee the final edits on the Wings concert film "Rockshow" – and he flew back home to England on Nov. 6. So I figured, Nov. 5 was the logical date that Paul would have slipped out from the editing suite and stopped by to reconnect with his old friend, John.

More here.

As to the play's title, according to Paul, John said, "Think of me every now and then, old friend" during their final meeting. Not knowing this, Carl Perkins wrote a tune containing nearly the same phrase as a thank you to Paul following his work on Macca's Tug of War LP. 

The song, featuring backup vocals, bass, guitar and drums by Paul and a string arrangement by George Martin, is included on Perkins' 1996 album, Go Cat Go!

Here's Carl and Paul:

Robbie McIntosh - former McCartney guitarist - releases solo LP: "Thanks Chet"

Robbie McIntosh, former member of the Pretenders and Paul McCartney band member, has a new solo album coming out next month, which pays tribute to guitar legend Chet Atkins.

Speaking about Chet Atkins, McIntosh added: “He was the first guitar hero of modern music. Chet played finger picking style but with incredible precision and because he was also a great drummer and bassist his guitar was like a band on its own – a real six string orchestra.”

The all-instrumental ‘Thanks Chet’ features covers of classics including The Kinks’ ‘You Really Got Me’, The Bee Gees’ ‘Stayin’ Alive’, and Kylie Minogue’s ‘I Can’t Get You Out of My Head’.
It also includes an original piece by Robbie McIntosh entitled ‘Thanks Chet’, which is the instrumental interlude that he brought to Paul McCartney’s 1993 world tour.
More here.

McIntosh's Atkins tribute was included on Macca's 1993 Paul is Live album, billed as "Robbie's Bit (Thanks Chet)."

You can purchase the album from Amazon now. 

Vintage Apple Productions compliments card

Friday, May 18, 2018

McCartney vinyl reissues out today

Re-presenting info on this batch of vinyl reissues, out today.

On May 18, Paul McCartney will release four 2018 edition catalogue reissues via MPL/Capitol: NEW, Chaos And Creation In The Backyard, Wings Greatest and Thrillington. All four titles will be issued in affordable single CD digipak and 180gram black vinyl single LP formats—and will be made available for the first time in limited edition 180gram color vinyl pressings. All vinyl LPs will include a download card.

Upon its release in 2013, NEW was lauded by Rolling Stone as "energized and full of joyous rock & roll invention." Executive produced by Giles Martin and also featuring production by Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns and Paul Epworth, NEW entered the U.S. chart at #3. The album scored positive reviews from Entertainment Weekly to Pitchfork and all points in between, while the title track, "Queenie Eye" and "Save Us" would become staples of the McCartney live show over the course of the Out There and One On One world tours. NEW's 2018 edition will feature the first vinyl pressing of the album since its 2013 release, including a limited edition pink vinyl 180gram vinyl LP with download card and 12x12" insert.

Released in 2005, Chaos And Creation In The Backyard was instantly hailed as continuing a hot streak that included Flaming Pie, Run Devil Run and Driving Rain. Produced by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Beck) and featuring the singles "Fine Line" and the Grammy-winning "Jenny Wren," Chaos And Creation… debuted at #6 on the Billboard chart. It remained on the charts for nearly half a year, while Paul mounted the massive 'US' Tour. In 2007, "Jenny Wren" won the Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, while the album was nominated in three other categories including Album of the Year. The 2018 edition of Chaos And Creation… will make the album available on vinyl for the first time since its initial run and will include a limited edition gold vinyl 180gram vinyl LP with download card and 12x12" insert.

Originally released in 1978, Wings Greatest was the first ever compilation of Paul McCartney's post-Beatles hits, featuring four classics that had previously been unavailable on any McCartney album: "Another Day," "Junior's Farm," "Hi, Hi, Hi" and "Mull of Kintyre." The penultimate Wings album release, Wings Greatest was naturally a worldwide hit, and the soundtrack to the 70s for a generation. As part of its 2018 edition reissue, Wings Greatest will be available as a limited edition blue vinyl 180gram vinyl LP with download card and 20"x30" poster.

Recorded in 1971 but not released until 1977, Thrillington remains one of the most enigmatic entries in the storied McCartney discography. Credited to the pseudonym Percy "Thrills" Thrillington, a fictitious socialite whose activities were chronicled in UK newspaper ads, Thrillington was actually a fully reimagined instrumental lounge/jazz version of Paul and Linda McCartney's RAM. With Thrillington's 2018 edition, Percy is given a new lease on life with this collector's item available on vinyl for the first time since the 1977 first pressings that fetch hefty sums on the collectors' market, plus a limited edition red/black marbled 180gram vinyl LP with download card.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


In a world first, the Museum of Liverpool is hosting the ground-breaking exhibition 'Double Fantasy - John & Yoko' from 18 May 2018 to 22 April 2019.

The exhibition tells John Lennon and Yoko Ono's story and explores the personal and creative chemistry of this iconic couple and their ongoing Imagine Peace campaign. Double Fantasy - John & Yoko is a free exhibition, celebrating the meeting of two of the world’s most creative artists who expressed their deep and powerful love for one another through their art, music and film. They used their fame and influence to campaign for peace and human rights across the world, transforming not only their own lives, but art, music and activism forever. Featuring personal objects alongside art, music and film produced by both John and Yoko, the exhibition is drawn from Yoko’s own private collection, some of which has never been displayed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Video: Raw interview footage of Paul McCartney, 1984

Here's raw footage of an interview by Roy Leonard with former Beatle Paul McCartney, excerpts from which aired on WGN Channel 9. The discussion was largely about his recently released movie, "Give My Regards to Broad Street."


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Paul McCartney to miss awards ceremony in Israel

Paul McCartney said he's unable to accept a prize from Israel's Wolf Foundation in person this month due to a scheduling conflict. Also, it looks like he'll be out 100 grand as a result!

"It's very flattering and I am grateful to be this year's Wolf Prize winner in music," McCartney wrote in a letter to the foundation. “But after reviewing my schedule I have to announce that I will not be able to arrive at the date set."

"We thank Sir Paul McCartney, his staff and his wife Nancy Shevell for their cooperation and we're looking forward to seeing them together in May 2019," CEO of the Wolf Foundation Reut Inon-Berman said.

This year’s laureates of the prestigious Wolf Prize were announced in February during an event attended by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. The honor carries a $100,000 prize, which the recipients can receive only if they attend the official ceremony.

The Wolf Prize is an internationally-recognized award granted in Israel to scientists and artists.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"Double Fantasy - John & Yoko" exhibition opens May 18 in Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool will host an exhibition focused on John Lennon and Yoko Ono featuring numerous artifacts from the couple's shared history. It runs May 18 through April 2019.


In a world first, the Museum of Liverpool will host this ground-breaking exhibition telling John Lennon and Yoko Ono's story in their own words. The exhibition explores the personal and creative chemistry of this iconic couple and their ongoing Imagine Peace campaign.
Double Fantasy - John & Yoko is a free exhibition, celebrating the meeting of two of the world’s most creative artists who expressed their deep and powerful love for one another through their art, music and film. They used their fame and influence to campaign for peace and human rights across the world, transforming not only their own lives, but art, music and activism forever.
Featuring personal objects alongside art, music and film produced by both John and Yoko, the exhibition is drawn from Yoko’s own private collection, some of which has never been displayed.
"I am so happy and grateful that we are having our Double Fantasy - John & Yoko show in Liverpool.
This is where John was born and I know John would be very happy too.
We were a very simple couple just loving each other every day and I just wanted to show the simple truth of us.
In our personal life we were pretty simple people, and we made all sorts of things with love for each other. Everything was made out of love. We found that we were both very strongly interested in world peace. I feel John and I are still working together. I always feel his warmth next to me." Yoko Ono Lennon
Taking a chronological journey, the exhibition starts with two unique individuals - a leading figure in the avant-garde art world and a global rock 'n' roll star. From a tender first meeting at Indica Gallery in London, it was 18 months later that the album 'Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins' was issued. What followed was breathtaking in its rapidity and productivity until John's tragic and untimely death on 8 December 1980.
Through interviews, quotes and lyrics, the story of their personal and creative relationship along with their political activism and peace campaigning, will be told in their own words for the very first time.
From the intimate to the iconic, the exhibition brings together unmissable objects and artworks, including:
  • Hand-written lyrics by John Lennon, including 'In My Life', 'Give Peace a Chance', 'Happy Christmas War is Over' and 'Woman'.
  • 'Grapefruit' - Yoko's artist book, which she gave to John as a gift in 1966. Published in 1964, the book represents a seminal piece of conceptual art and was a direct influence on the lyrics and ideas behind 'Imagine'.
  • Original artwork by both, including Yoko's 'Ceiling Painting/Yes Painting', 'Painting to Hammer a Nail' and 'Apple' as well as 'The Daily Howl', a hand-made book by John from his childhood and numerous examples of his distinctive line drawings. The exhibition also features conceptual work the couple produced together, such as 'War is Over', Plastic Ono Band' and elements of their first collaboration 'Acorn Peace'.
  • Many personal items, such as John's wire-rimmed glasses, Yoko's large Porsche sunglasses, iconic items of clothing, such as John's New York City t-shirt, and items from their wedding outfits.
  • An extremely rare Sardonyx guitar used by John on the album 'Double Fantasy', and the acoustic Gibson guitar, illustrated on by John, from their 1969 bed-in.
  • John’s hard-won Green Card.
  • Items from the the couple's famous 1969 Bed-Ins in Amsterdam and Montreal.
  • A rolling programme of the films that John and Yoko created, and music videos made under Yoko's supervision. A music room, overlooking the Mersey with the couple's albums played for visitors will feature album cover art.
  • A recreation of the 'Imagine' mosaic circle in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, New York. An intimate and contemplative space, it will also reflect on the global impact of John's death.
Double Fantasy - John & Yoko is a major part of Liverpool's celebration of its 10th anniversary as European Capital of Culture.
This exhibition has been made possible with the kind permission of Yoko Ono Lennon.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Peter Asher: Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics are his "rainy day" fund

Peter and Gordon had a big hit back in 1964 with the Paul McCartney-penned "A World Without Love," and it turns out Peter still has Paul's original manuscript for the tune.

Via the Daily Express:

"Paul wrote out the words and the chords of the song for me on a piece of paper," recalls Peter.

"You'd better believe I've locked it away in a safe for the time when the music business goes completely to hell and I can run to Sotheby's like the wind," chortles the delightfully humorous and self-deprecating Peter, 73.

But with an estimated £35million fortune from his work as a Grammy-winning international music producer he is probably never likely to need the money.

Monday, May 7, 2018

George Martin's AIR Studios for sale

The current site of AIR Studios, opened by Beatles producer George Martin, is for sale, Billboard reports.

Film scores for Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, Justice League and Alien Covenant are among recent projects recorded at the state-of-the-art studio, based at Lyndhurst Hall, a Grade II listed converted church in Hampstead, North London, since 1991. 

Prior to that, AIR -- which stands for Associated Independent Recording -- was located in central London. A sister studio in the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat was opened by George Martin in 1979. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Paul McCartney to headline Austin City Limits Music Festival

Paul has announced his first live U.S. dates for 2018, which see him headlining the Austin City Limits Music Festival the weekends of Oct. 5 and 12.

Other artists set to appear include Metallica, Childish Gambino, Arctic Monkeys, Travis Scott, Odesza, The National, Khalid, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Hozier, David Byrne, Chvrches, Justice, St. Vincent, Brandi Carlile, Janelle Monáe and more. ACL Fest 2018 will deliver more than 125 bands across eight stages at Zilker Park.

Tickets are on sale here.