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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

"First-played" copy of The Beatles' "Love Me Do" single up for auction

Here's the premiere item from Omega Auctions' Jan. 28 sale of the "Tony Prince Collection."

An incredible piece of music history. This the Radio Luxembourg library copy of 'Love Me Do', this being the very 7" played by Radio Luxembourg DJs during the period. RL is widely acknowledged to be the first of the radio stations to give the Beatles airtime and were crucial in launching the Fab Four on their way to superstardom. The framed display includes a demonstration copy of the record (45-R 4949) with visible A side seemingly in Ex condition (with incorrect McArtney spelling) and with label signed in blue ink by Paul McCartney. Also a 1994 telex sent from MPL to Tony Prince with body to read 'Dear Tony, I'm happy to confirm that i first heard 'Love Me Do' (our first release) on Radio Luxembourg. Did I ever thank you for playing it? if not, I do now. Cheers, All the very best' with signature (facsimile) by Paul McCartney. Frame measures 28 x 18".
"First-played" copy of The Beatles "Love Me Do" single up for auction

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The real deal on the Beatles' "Love Me Do" drum kit

The auction of the drum kit used on the Beatles' "Love Me Do" has attracted lots of news this week. But news is a little less exciting once you realized the set didn't belong to Ringo and didn't sport the classic "drop T" Beatles logo on the bass drum.

The drums were played by Andy White, a studio musician hired for the session because producer George Martin had doubts about Ringo's drumming abilities.

In June 2016, the auction house selling White's kit used this image in its auction listing. A new drum head has been added to highlight the Beatles connection.

But in its new listing, the auctioneers have dressed up the kit with a drum head featuring the classic Beatles logo:

The auctioneers note in their listing that the drum head is new.

And here's a pic of the drums Ringo was still playing at the time of "Love Me Do." The classic kit didn't come until a bit later.

Also, it should be noted that the Beatles released two versions of "Love Me Do." Early pressings of the British single feature Ringo on drums, while later pressings, the version found on the Beatles' Please Please Me album and the American single all feature White on drums and Ringo playing tambourine. The auctioneers note all of this as well.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Paul McCartney adds "A Hard Day's Night" and "Love Me Do" to live setlist

Paul McCartney added two new tunes - both originally co-sung with John Lennon - to his live repertoire during the kick-off of his new One-On-One tour in Fresno April 13.

The featured tunes were "A Hard Day's Night" and "Love Me Do."

You can see the complete setlist here.