Thursday, June 28, 2018

More details on Ringo's "Another Day in the Life" photo book

Genesis Publications is now taking orders for its new collection of photos by Ringo. Like Ringo's previous two collections initially published by Genesis in limited editions, this one will hopefully be available later on as a more affordable commercial edition. The two editions currently available are, predictably, on the pricey side.


"Another Day In The Life"

Following the sell-out success of Postcards From The Boys (2003) and Photograph (2013), Genesis is excited to announce Another Day In The Life by Ringo Starr. The third in Ringo's series of books presents a previously unpublished collection of his photographs, introduced and narrated in his own words. 

"I love taking photos of random things, and seeing how they all fit together. Whether it is at home or on the road, certain things catch my eye – and when I see something that interests me, that’s the emotion of it, and I want to capture it. I am a photographer as well as a musician. I love working with Genesis and had so much fun putting this collection of images together, both taken by me and a few collected along the way. I hope you enjoy it too." – Ringo Starr


"It's about changing one second so that people think 'peace and love' - it's something I learned from the Maharishi. If you do something for good, the trees, the grass, the whole planet will support you - you're always loved. I live in that world." 

Reflecting his love of music, travel and nature, Another Day In The Life shows us the world as seen through Ringo's eyes. 

From Los Angeles to Tokyo and everywhere in between, many of Ringo's observational images celebrate the quirkiness of life. Other photographs are taken behind the scenes during historic events, such as Ringo's acceptance of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and his return to New York's Plaza Hotel, 50 years after The Beatles first visited the USA. 


"Who knew the Abbey Road photograph would be so iconic? We were sitting in the studio thinking, 'We need a cover, let's go to Hawaii! Let's go to Egypt! Oh, sod it, let's just walk across the road.' How you feel on the day is what art is about."

Featuring Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and a host of All-Starr friends, Ringo Starr's 176-page monograph is captioned throughout with an original commentary that is meditative, witty and always engaging as Ringo reflects on a legendary life in music. 
Ringo Starr's signed edition is limited to only 2,000 copies worldwide.

The first 350 copies in the edition, numbered from 1 to 350, are Deluxe copies. These copies feature a black, full-leather binding with a cover design by Shepard Fairey reproduced in gold and red, and with gilt page edging. Deluxe copies include an exclusive photographic print that is numbered and suitable for framing (a Giclée print onto Hahnemühle cotton rag paper; size: 10" x 8"). The book and print set is presented in a cloth-bound solander case, and each copy is individually numbered and signed by the author, Ringo Starr. 
Copies numbered from 351 to 2,000 are Collector copies. 

Collector copies feature Shepard Fairey's cover design reproduced in blue and red, with a black quarter-leather binding and gilt page edging. Presented in a cloth-bound slipcase, each book is individually numbered and signed by the author, Ringo Starr. 

You can order the deluxe edition (£595) here, and the collector edition here