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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Paul talks "Cold Cuts" - abandoned outtakes album

And you thought he was a vegetarian...

In his latest "You Gave Me the Answer"column on his website, Paul discusses Cold Cuts, his planned "rare cuts" LP that never saw official release (but plenty of illicit ones):
The original idea was based around a title I came up with and quite liked which was Hot Hitz and Cold Cuts. I thought it would be great, you just put all your top hits on it and then some “cold cuts”. But actually when I mentioned it to my record label at the time, they didn't like the idea of the cold cuts, they wanted everything to be hits, hits, hits! So they didn't particularly go for that idea. But what has happened over the years ismany of those cold cuts – which are B-sides and unknown tracks – have been released in our remastered Archive Collection series… 
Maybe one day it would make an album. The funny thing is, I was friends with an American artist that I admire a lot called Saul Steinberg. I asked him if he would do a cover for it and he did. It's a nice thing! So, I've got the cover and maybe one of these days it will get released. The thing is, how much can you release without it looking stupid, you know? New album, Archive Collection reissues, and then The Beatles stuff! So, it's hard to slot in another thing, but maybe one of these days. It would be an interesting little thing!
Here's a picture of Saul Steinberg, famous for his many New Yorker magazine covers: