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Thursday, November 24, 2016

History: Beatles Book Monthly November 1966

The Beatles' official magazine for November 1966 continues to update fans on the group's post-touring, pre-Sgt. Pepper activities.

There's details on John Lennon's role in "How I Won the War," along with George and Pattie Harrison's trip to India:

And an interview with Paul McCartney, in which he discusses the different track listings on the band's American releases …

… his views on the future and touring ...

and his thoughts on songwriting and why the band didn't record portions of Revolver in Memphis, as originally planned:

The news page, meanwhile, includes items about Paul's soundtrack for "The Family Way, " (referred to by a different title) and shows "She Said, She Said," coming in last in a poll of readers' favorite Revolver songs …

… among other items:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

McCartney "The Family Way" vinyl re-release on tap for Record Store Day

The list of limited edition vinyl for Record Store Day, April 18 is a vinyl reissue of Paul McCartney's 1967 instrumental soundtrack for the Hayley Mills' film "The Family Way."

Featuring arrangements by Beatles producer George Martin, the soundtrack was released on CD a few years back.

You can see the complete list of Record Store Day releases here.