Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Paul performs at Clinton fundraiser

Paul McCartney performed at fundraiser for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton this week, Billboard reports.
The Beatles great sang “Can't Buy Me Love” and “Lady Madonna,” and a pool report said he opened with “Jet.” McCartney led Buffet, Bon Jovi and the crowd in “Hey Jude” to close the show. The pool report said the musicians played 75 minutes.
“This is the first time I've paid to hear myself sing,” McCartney told the crowd. McCartney also danced with Clinton. Former President Clinton also was in attendance.
You can see a (wobbly) video here.

Creating the "Revolver" cover: BBC interviews Klaus Voormann

Artists and Beatles pal Klaus Voormann discusses creating the cover for the group's Revolver 50 years ago in a new BBC interview.
"They invited me down to Abbey Road to listen to the tracks - I was just blown away, floored by what I was hearing.
"I thought I was dreaming - Tomorrow Never Knows with its backward looped tapes and bird cries. It was something totally new."

...  As taken as the band were by his later interpretation of their hairdos for that Revolver cover though, he admits there were details that did not make the final cut.
"In one corner, I had Paul sitting on a toilet - they asked me to change that one. "And a picture of myself - John spotted that one and said 'Klaus, you cheeky beggar'."

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ron Howard discusses Beatles "Eight Days a Week" film

Fast Company has published a detailed interview with Ron Howard regarding his upcoming documentary "The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years." did get to meet and talk to Paul and Ringo, as well as Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison. How did the surviving Beatles and their families contribute to the creative process?

They gave me the final cut, just like I have on my feature films, which was, I thought, a huge show of respect. I spoke to each of them and met with them first, at length. They had a chance to vet my ideas and decide whether they wanted to get behind this approach. Yoko and Olivia knew all the stories about the very beginning, but we’re not telling the part of the story where they’re present. Still, they each had a point of view and a tremendous amount of knowledge. They’ve seen cuts and offered up some comments, and I’ve agreed with some and not others. They’ve been fine with that. They really encouraged me to tell the story as I was seeing it. And I think they’re happy with the result.

Friday, August 26, 2016

See: TV spot for "The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years"

Second preview track from "The Beatles: Live at the Hollywood Bowl" - "A Hard Day's Night"

Now available through various streaming services and via download from Amazon: "A Hard Day's Night" from The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl, out Sept. 9.

Beatles Bits: Weekly news roundup

WogBlog features a review of an unbooted 1964 Beatles concert from Hong Kong, featuring deputy drummer Jimmy Nichol sitting in for the ailing Ringo.
First thing to address is whether the sound quality is any good. Those of us who remember the Hamburg Lingasong release of the 70s, still remember the disappointment at how poor the sound quality was. Worth having as a completist, but never succeeding in getting more than one play. This is a whole new ballpark to that.
It’s mono of course and comes from a mere tape recording machine of the early 60s. It is however crystal clear and could probably be sound enhanced further on modern equipment. I listened to it on cassette format through a small machine purchased for about £20. It was a thrilling listen and much to be enjoyed in terms of little moments which I will describe to you. This has to be the only available recording of this snapshot moment in Beatles history and it is wonderful.

Rolling Stone rehashes the role of LSD as an influence on the Beatles' Revolver LP.


Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees recounts visiting Beatles recording sessions ahead of his Beatleweek visit to Liverpool.
“I sat in on a few different sessions,” says Micky. “The first one was Good Morning, Good Morning."
“And then I even managed to get the rights to use it on the episode of The Monkees that I directed.

“And of course at that time they were never giving up the rights to their songs for anything, so that was quite a little feather in my hat."


A Hofner bass guitar designed by Revolver cover artist Klaus Voormann is on display at Liverpool's Beatles Story attraction.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Giles Martin discusses "Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl" restoration

NPR has an interview with Giles Martin on the upcoming reissue of the Beatles' Hollywood Bowl recordings. You can hear some additional music off the new album, too.
"There's a guy who works in IT here who's developing de-mix technology, you know, being able to take one track and separate it into its constituent parts. I'd been playing around with him with this for a while and I said, 'Why don't we try it on screams from the Hollywood Bowl.' And we tried it and what we ended up with is it split the one track into two tracks and you get the screams on one half and then you have this weird, almost like the band playing but it sounds a little strange. But this meant we could go into, for instance, the drum track and bring out the best of the drums, as opposed to what my father had. If he did [anything] to the drums he'd be doing it to the screams as well. So we could basically clean up the recordings. And it's always my ambition to make people feel as though they're there watching the band. Now what you have with Hollywood Bowl is you're much closer to the band."

History: Beatles Book Monthly August 1966

The August 1966 issue of the Beatles' official magazine reached readers on the heels of the release of Revolver and the group's ill-fated experiences in the Philippines, about which, from the Beatle camp's perspective, the less said the better.

Not much is said about Revolver or the unique tracks and recording methods used to create them. But there are a few references in the issue about the group struggling to come up with the LP's title.

The lead editorial also reminds fans the group will soon depart England for America. At this point, the Beatles had no idea of the controversy awaiting them there.

The issue also devotes a number of photos and two features to Germany. The Beatles had just completed their tour of the country, where they reunited with old friends from Hamburg. They traveled through the country by train and spent some of their time working to come up with the name for their upcoming L.P.

In the Beatle Talk section, Paul and John discuss killing time on long flights.

In the letters section, one fan asks about rumors concerning the Lennon-McCartney team's songwriting practices.

The mag also included this shot of George with his Jag at Abbey Road (standing with road managers Neil Aspinall and Mal Evans) ...

And Neil mentioning the Beatles working on their famed group painting while holed up in a hotel in Japan:

And, finally, another fun shot of Ringo.