Ron Howard discusses Beatles "Eight Days a Week" film

Fast Company has published a detailed interview with Ron Howard regarding his upcoming documentary "The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years." did get to meet and talk to Paul and Ringo, as well as Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison. How did the surviving Beatles and their families contribute to the creative process?

They gave me the final cut, just like I have on my feature films, which was, I thought, a huge show of respect. I spoke to each of them and met with them first, at length. They had a chance to vet my ideas and decide whether they wanted to get behind this approach. Yoko and Olivia knew all the stories about the very beginning, but we’re not telling the part of the story where they’re present. Still, they each had a point of view and a tremendous amount of knowledge. They’ve seen cuts and offered up some comments, and I’ve agreed with some and not others. They’ve been fine with that. They really encouraged me to tell the story as I was seeing it. And I think they’re happy with the result.