Beatles Bits: Weekly news roundup

WogBlog features a review of an unbooted 1964 Beatles concert from Hong Kong, featuring deputy drummer Jimmy Nichol sitting in for the ailing Ringo.
First thing to address is whether the sound quality is any good. Those of us who remember the Hamburg Lingasong release of the 70s, still remember the disappointment at how poor the sound quality was. Worth having as a completist, but never succeeding in getting more than one play. This is a whole new ballpark to that.
It’s mono of course and comes from a mere tape recording machine of the early 60s. It is however crystal clear and could probably be sound enhanced further on modern equipment. I listened to it on cassette format through a small machine purchased for about £20. It was a thrilling listen and much to be enjoyed in terms of little moments which I will describe to you. This has to be the only available recording of this snapshot moment in Beatles history and it is wonderful.

Rolling Stone rehashes the role of LSD as an influence on the Beatles' Revolver LP.


Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees recounts visiting Beatles recording sessions ahead of his Beatleweek visit to Liverpool.
“I sat in on a few different sessions,” says Micky. “The first one was Good Morning, Good Morning."
“And then I even managed to get the rights to use it on the episode of The Monkees that I directed.

“And of course at that time they were never giving up the rights to their songs for anything, so that was quite a little feather in my hat."


A Hofner bass guitar designed by Revolver cover artist Klaus Voormann is on display at Liverpool's Beatles Story attraction.