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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Former Wings guitarist Henry McCullough dies

Guitarist Henry McCullough, who played in Wings in the early 1970s died Tuesday at age 72.

McCullough played the famed guitar solo on Wings' "My Love" and is also featured on "Live and Let Die" and other releases from 1971 to 1973. He left the band just before the Band on the Run sessions and later played with Ronnie Lane, Donovan and others. He also briefly replaced Wilko Johnson in Dr. Feelgood.

He also played in Joe Cocker's band at the Woodstock Festival.

McCullough's voice can also be heard saying ""I don't know; I was really drunk at the time" during the fadeout of "Money" on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon LP.

The guitarist's solo album, Mind Your Own Business, was released on George Harrison's Dark Horse Records imprint.

Paul McCartney issued the following statement:
"I was very sad to hear that Henry McCullough, our great Wings guitarist, passed away today. He was a pleasure to work with, a super-talented musician with a lovely sense of humour. The solo he played on 'My Love' was a classic that he made up on the spot in front of a live orchestra. Our deepest sympathies from my family to his."