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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cambridge University observes 50th anniversary of first-ever John and Yoko performance

Fifty years ago today, Yoko Ono presented a vocal performance in Cambridge University's Lady Mitchell Hall backed by John Lennon on feedback guitar.

Billed as an "experimental jazz" concert, the 26-minute set was the couple's first public music performance and the first public musical appearance by an individual Beatle away from the rest of the group. The performance was recorded and appears on John and Yoko's "Life of the Lions" LP.

Cambridge is marking the event with a historical plaque and a six-month exhibition of Yoko's artwork in various venues across the city .

According to the BBC:

The commemorative plaque was unveiled on the 50th anniversary of the Ono/Lennon gig as their set from the time - called Cambridge 1969 - was played at full blast in the hall's foyer.

It was given as a gift to Cambridge University by art historian and exhibition curator, Gabriella Daris.