Hear an extended version of Paul McCartney's latest BBC radio interview

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Paul McCartney has just unveiled his first new solo single in four years, a double A side ‘Come On To Me’ and ‘I Don’t Know’ - the former is a rocker with more than a few tinges of his Macca's 70s band Wings while the is latter is an introspective ballad, 
He also announced details of his first new album Egypt Station, which is coming out on September 7th. This is his 17th studio album, and was recorded in California and the UK with producer Greg Kurstin (who's worked with Beck, Adele and Foo Fighters). 
BBC 6 Music Breakfast's Matt Everitt travelled to Paul's studio in deepest East Sussex to meet him and they talked about the challenges of song writing when you up against your own back catalogue, how he thinks his outlook has changed, his appearance at the recent pro-gun control rally in the US, and his touring plans.
But they started by discussing the two new songs - starting off with ‘I Don’t Know’

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