Details on upcoming Brian Epstein bio-pic: "The Man Who"

Some new production news from the upcoming Brian Epstein film produced by Tom Hanks and Jude Law. Apparently Dennis Quaid is playing Ed Sullivan!(?)

THE MAN WHO is the incredible story of Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, seen through the lens of a fictional interview on the Ed Sullivan Show. It’s a brilliant concept – the antithesis of a traditional staid biopic. By examining Brian’s life through this prism – which ultimately proves to be Brian’s dying memories – it allows us to play fast and loose with time and structure, reality and fantasy, and really get under his skin. It also offers us a glimpse of the Beatles phenomenon from Brian’s unique perspective, which has never been seen before.

Starring Dennis Quaid (Ed Sullivan), Dominic Cooper (Brian Epstein), Ben Schnetzer (John Lennon)