Ringo in new Rolling Stone interview

Rolling Stone has a long chat with Ringo about his new EP, Change the World, the new Beatles "Get Back" documentary and more.

The new record has a flashback to your Fifties roots. How did you come to sing “Rock Around the Clock”?

I was thinking — one of those days you’re just sitting around thinking — about when I was 15. The year I’d been in hospital. I’d had my 14th birthday and it was coming up to my 15th, and I just didn’t want to be there for 15. We spoke to the doctors, my mum did a bit of begging, and the doctors let us go. We got out two weeks before my birthday and went to London with my stepdad, to hang out with his family for a week. Then we came back to my grandparents’ in Liverpool — they brought me up with my mother, because my dad left when I was three. They took me to the Isle of Man. Rock Around the Clock was playing in the cinema, so they took me. It was one of those rowdy holiday places, everybody’s having fun, like Florida on a bad day.