Ringo Starr makes birthday plea for peace and love in wake of Orlando tragedy

Ringo Starr has made a birthday tradition of asking fans to think of "peace and love" at noon (your local time) on his July 7 birthday, and this year is asking fans to keep those affected by this week's shootings in Orlando especially in mind.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Ringo said:
“I don’t understand that mindset that you could decide to injure and kill a lot of innocent people. I’m really not a supporter of wars either, but you can understand there’s two sides having a go at each other. But this is so random.

“It’s a difficult situation because it just happens. Some guy — so far it’s always some guy isn’t it, not some girl — gets up in the morning and maybe is mad, maybe is angry — we don’t know, I don’t know — and decides to cause a lot of hurt, you know. It’s sad.”
Ringo will be 76 this year.