The Man Who Built the Beatles Home Recording Studios

The BBC talks to recording engineer Edward Veale, who built home recording studios for John, George and Ringo.


In 1969, The Beatles were preparing for their rooftop concert in London when John Lennon asked an engineer if it was possible to build him a home studio.

Edward Veale, from Hertfordshire, was a regular at the Saville Row studios as the band recorded songs such as Get Back and Let it Be.

Often he would be called from his offices down the road to make repairs to The Beatles' basement studio.

..."They were still together at that time, but John was clearly thinking about other things," said the engineer who would often fix monitors and other problems for the group as they recorded what would be their final studio album to be released.

The Hatfield-born engineer fondly remembers working at Lennon's home at Tittenhurst Park, near Ascot in Berkshire, recognisable to fans from the music video for Imagine.

He believes his creation, known as Ascot Sound Studios, was the first home recording studio in Europe.