Olivia Harrison Puts in Request to Build Yoga Studio at Friar Park Estate

Olivia Harrison plans to construct a yoga studio for private use at Friar Park, the estate in Henley on Thames that she shared with George.

According to the Daily Mail:

[Olivia] wants the studio and gym to be built on a part of the estate 'mainly used for leisure' on a lawned garden area next to the outdoor pool and a pavilion.

It would run parallel to a mature hedge dividing the tennis court from the leisure area.

Planning documents say the approach to the character of the 10ft x 23ft structure is 'to deliver a contemporary style building surrounding by glazing walls to connect its use with the context of nature and utilising design and elements that match with existing pavilion in its immediate context.'

The detached studio features three glass walls, including one with sliding doors, set on a suspended concrete platform finished with porcelain tiles.

Part of the platform would extend outside to allow outdoor exercise.

Under the plans the back wall, featuring iroko wood cladding, will have a facility for concealing equipment inside to limit clutter.