Mal Evans: Bio and archives of Beatles' road manager on the way

The Beatles with Mal Evans and Yoko Ono

The gentle giant presence of Mal Evans, the Beatles' assistant and road manager from the band's earliest days, hovers over "The Beatles: Get Back." Coming up next, we stand to learn even more about him.

The full story of Evans' life and its tragic end - he was gunned down by police in Los Angeles -  will be told in an upcoming biography by frequent Beatles author Kenneth Womack is set for publication next year, followed by Evans' archives in 2023.  The Beatles associate had been planning to write a memoir before his death.

Evans' family is involved these efforts.

According to Mal's son, Gary: 

"My dad meant the world to me. He was my hero. Before Ken joined the project, I thought I knew the story of my dad. But what I knew was in monochrome; 15 months later it is like The Wizard of Oz (dad’s favorite film) because Ken has added so much color, so much light to his story. Ken has shown me that dad was the Beatles’ greatest friend. He was lucky to meet them, but they had more good fortune with dad walking down the Cavern steps for the first time."