Beatles biographer Ray Connolly details his COVID fight

Journalist Ray Connolly, who covered the Beatles in the late 1960s and who published the book "Being John Lennon" last year, details his ordeal with COVID-19, which included two heart attacks and 100 days spent in intensive care, in the Daily Mail today.

Fortunately Connolly survived the illness and warns others to take the risk of infection seriously.

So here I am, carefully re-negotiating the three flights of stairs that, until last April, I would daily run up and down, and reading the news about Covid deniers and university students who are rebelling against the Government’s lockdown restrictions on their social lives.

And all I can think of is those wonderful doctors and nurses and ambulance drivers in the NHS who, sometimes at risk to themselves, nursed me and thousands of others this year, making it possible for us to have a life at all.

Ray Connolly with Paul McCartney