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Fans would turn up regularly at Kinfauns!

“We recorded ‘Hey Jude’ in Trident Studios. It was a long song. In fact, after I timed it I actually said, ‘You can’t make a single that long.’ I was shouted down by the boys - not for the first time in my life - and John asked: ‘Why not?’ I couldn’t think of a good answer, really - except the pathetic one that disc jockeys wouldn’t play it. He said, ‘They will if it’s us.’ And, of course, he was absolutely right.” - George Martin
Dear R and M et al⠀

Doing nothing at all⠀
The sea-slug has lived⠀
For eighteen thousand years.⠀

The slow days⠀
Echoes heard⠀
In a corner of Kyoto⠀


Postmarked #onthisday 27 January, 1971, Tokyo, Japan. (see also post from 18 January)
"I'm a dark horse. Running on a dark race course."
John pictured in Studio Two in 1964 during the recording sessions for the Beatles' fourth studio album ‘Beatles for Sale’. Although it was created between August and October 1964, only seven days were spent recording in Studio Two.

Ringo Starr photographed by Richard Avedon, 1965
Q: “George, you have quite a reputation as a gardener… What are some of your ‘pride & joy’ plants?”
George Harrison: “Well, for the cooler climates (as in England), the current trend is definitely toward Miscanthus. You’ll find many lovely varieties try the Zebrensis and also the Malepartis. However, if you’re gardening in the tropics I think you’ll find a lovely little ginger called Kahili :P” (Yahoo web chat, 15 Feb 2001) ||
Derek Mann: “George said night scented stock plants] reminded him of his mother who used to plant the same flowers in their council house home.” (Henley Standard, Dec 2001) ||
“[George] discovered the combination of maples and ferns, and the revelation that if you combined them with Japanese wind anemones you could pull off a look that worked well within the mood of the place. In the autumn, the lake is now ablaze with the colour of the maples.” (The Observer, 17 Aug 2008) ||
Olivia Harrison: “He liked the moon, you know, if the wind was blowing and the full moon was up, he’d put on Bing Crosby singing ‘Sweet Leilani’ and just make the moment even better, and then he might hand you a gardenia.” (Living In The Material World) ||
Olivia Harrison: “He used to go around the island, nicking plants for our garden. He’d even take big trees and replant them. He said, ‘I want it to be a jungle.’” (Architectural Digest, Aug 2007) ||
Dhani Harrison: “Japanese maples. We bought a couple of thousand of them. He’d be out in the garden digging, on his hands and knees planting every night until the light went. My mother and me too, we were a real team.” (LA Times, 18 Nov 2002)