"Immersive" "Sgt. Pepper" listening event planned in Liverpool

Beatles fans will get a chance to hear an immersive new mix of the Sgt. Pepper LP by Giles Martin in a show running Dec. 19 through Jan. 9 in Liverpool.

The album will be played over a Dolby Atmos system with "speakers all around the listeners - even above their heads," the Liverpool Echo reports.

"People will become fully immersed in a soundscape, which is unlike any other. For me, it's like imagining falling through the vinyl of a record and and into this world where you're surrounded by The Beatles," Martin said. "It's like sitting in Abbey Road's Studio 2 and having The Beatles play for you."

"Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Immersive Experience" will be presented at National Museums Liverpool's Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building at the Royal Albert Dock. The event is a collaboration between Tate Liverpool, National Museums Liverpool and Apple Corps Ltd. More information here.