Read an early review of Paul McCartney's Egypt Station

The first review I've seen of Paul's upcoming Egypt Station is on the Record Collector's website today.

The mag gives the album three stars, noting some decent tunes, overall good vocals and some dodgy lyrics. Despite being promoted as a "concept album" of sorts, the album doesn't really have unifying theme, despite the fact that the LP's opening instrumental, "Station 1" gets repeated as "Station II" later on.

Sounds like there are some varied and intriguing tunes, though:

"Dominoes" pleasingly shares a smattering of backward guitar with the Syd Barrett song of the same name, "Do It Now" is beautifully redolent of "Wind Chimes" by The Beach Boys, and "People Want Peace" approaches the business of constructing a common-sense anthem in such a discreet way that you’ll be whacking a Trump piƱata before you know it.  

You can read the entire review here.