Paul featured in new Mojo magazine

Is it just me or is there something on about Macca's mouth in this pic?

Anyway, here's what Mojo has to say about its new cover story:

PAUL MCCARTNEY OPENS UP about the doubts and fears that fed into songs on his latest album, Egypt Station.

“Sometimes in your life, you’re not a god on Olympus,” he tells Keith Cameron in the new MOJO magazine, in UK shops from Monday, August 21. “You’re a real person walking round the streets. I’m a grandfather, a father, a husband, and in that package there’s no guarantee that every minute’s gonna go right. In fact, quite the opposite.”

Not known as a confessional songsmith, the Beatle talks about his writing as “a therapy session”, citing the Let It Be album’s The Long And Winding Road as a song underestimated for its emotional heft.

In an in-depth interview he delves into the making of his new album and tackles many other topics besides – including reflections on his cannabis-wreathed past. He even reveals a recurring dream where he’s on stage with the Beatles and everything’s going wrong…

“We’re playing a dreadful gig somewhere and the audience are walking out. That happens a lot. But I get to meet John, and George. So that’s kinda good.”

And in an intimate portfolio of shots by his daughter Mary, MOJO readers are afforded an unprecedented glimpse off-duty Macca – captured at the ‘Magic Piano’ on which he wrote Fixing A Hole, posing in front of Beatles wallpaper and in the middle of a yoga move.

If you dig the Beatles, and/or you’re interested in Paul McCartney (“one of the greatest melodists who ever lived,” as Harold Goodall claims elsewhere in the feature) it’s a must-read.

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