Monday, July 2, 2018

New "Yellow Submarine" theatrical release features "bouncing ball" sing-along lyrics

I've confirmed via a publicist for Abramorama Films that the restored version of "The Yellow Submarine" in theaters this month is a "sing-along version" featuring "bouncing ball" lyrics.

A recent article on Deadline took a snide view of this, stating:

Is it too much to imagine that most people would remember the lyrics to such Beatles classics featured in the movie from the title song to Eleanor Rigby, When I’m Sixty-Four, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, and All You Need Is Love?

But I have a hard time viewing this as a big deal, especially in light of the fact that the original, 1968, "Yellow Submarine" included lyrics on "All Together Now."

Encouraging audiences to sing along during a screen seems celebratory to me, and provides a too-seldom-these-days opportunity to enjoy community with others. The Beatles were always good at providing such experiences.

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