History: Those crazy Liverpool band names, Record Mirror, Aug.4, 1962

From Record Mirror, Aug. 4, 1962:

IS THE Liverpool area the rockingest part of the great British Isles? A publication, Mersey Beat, just arrived, makes me think this is the case.

... groups mentioned include the Tremors, Fabulous Fourtones, the Deltas, the Skyliners, the Tremolos, Rick Shaw & The Dolphins, Ken Tracey and the Beat Squad, the Cyclones, the Dakotas, the Zodiacs, the Midnighters, the Four Jays, Group One, the Bluegenes, Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Solohettes, the Mersey Beats, the Dennisons, the Searchers.

Names that intrigue are the Beatles (who were billed as big as Bruce Channel in Liverpool), the Spidermen, the Morockans.

... More names: Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, whose names include some that their mothers never thought of, I reckon – Johnny Guitar (he’s 21), Ringo Starr (21) and Ty Brian (21).