Thursday, November 9, 2017

Check out the Sgt. Pepper jukebox - pics and video

The British company Sound Leisure is producing an official Sgt. Pepper jukebox and it looks pretty spiffy. You can order one for a mere £8995 (about $11,830, American).


The unique rotating vinyl mechanism holds 70 45rpm records (not included) with 140 selection options the jukebox can play both A & B sides. The machine features a revolving title rack to select favourite records at the touch of a button. The Label Magic software subscription, included for 12 months with the jukebox purchase, enables personalised creation of record title labels when records are changed in the machine. Music selections are made directly from the button bank on the machine or via the infra-red remote control that also controls the volume, shuffle play and record reject.

The Sgt. Pepper's Vinyl Jukebox incorporates a Bluetooth ™ receiver with the ability to stream digital music from a compatible device. It also features auxiliary outputs, input and additional speaker connections. A splendid quality sound is guaranteed for all from needle to ear via the Sound Leisure D4 amplifier and five way in built speaker system.

Featuring authentic Sgt. Pepper's styling from cabinet to lettering and solid aluminium chromed castings, this jukebox is truly unique.

All machines are hand built to the highest standard by Sound Leisure's craftsmen and women and are individually numbered.

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