Tuesday, January 24, 2017

George Harrison album reissues coming in SHM-CD format

To coincide with the upcoming release of George Harrison's album catalog on vinyl, the LPs are also being released in the audiophile SHM-CD format in Japan.

Harrison's 13 albums are being sold separately in mini-LP packaging at CDJapan. The releases include: "Wonderwall Music," "Electronic Sound," "All Things Must Pass," "Living In The Material World," "Dark Horse," "Extra Texture," "33 1/3," "George Harrison," "Somewhere In England," "Gone Troppo," "Cloud Nine," "Live In Japan," and "Brainwashed."

The American price for the single CD releases is $23.61 and $35.41 for All Things Must Pass and $32.04 for Live in Japan.

SHM-CD is "a digital optical disc data storage manufacturing process. It is an improved compact disc product with the greatest change being a different polycarbonate material that allows more precise physical representation of stored bits during pressing and less laser scatter during reading."

The SHM releases I've heard, to my ears, do sound better than the average CD.

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