Paul's voice - should he pack it in?

The Daily Mail notes how some fans are expressing dismay at some of Paul McCartney's recent vocal performances. The topic was also the subject of a recent editorial in Beatlefan magazine.

Paul's voice obviously isn't what it once was and he's struggled during television performances in recent years. Even his speaking voice is sometimes weak.

Yet, my impression is that his voice just needs some time to warm up and he does amazingly well. I saw him live a couple years back and the first couple tunes were a little rough. After that, he sounded great.

Bringing some of his most challenging songs - such as "Maybe I'm Amazed" - down to a lower key could be helpful. But, then again, who are fans to provide advice to man who's been singing professionally for more than 50 years, and helped invent rock'n'roll vocals? And since when has he ever followed fans' advice?

Many fans going to Paul McCartney shows this year are seeing him for the first time and I doubt few are going home disappointed. One always hopes that a performer will go out with people wanting more - the Beatles certainly succeeded in doing that. I hope Paul will do the same, but nobody can set a timeline for that but him.