Ringo Starr makes cameo in new "Popstar" parody film

Ringo Starr is among celebrities making cameo appearances in the new mockumentary "Popstar" from actor Andy Samberg and producer Judd Apatow. The film opens this weekend.

The film stars Samberg as a Bieber-like singer, along with his backup vocalists played by Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer.

Along with Ringo, the movie include cameos by Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake.
How did they get them onboard? “All kind of ways,” said Samberg. “Some of them were people we worked with before so we would just call them, or email them. Some we did through reps, some people like Ringo Starr, Judd Apatow was the one who called.”

Jorma added, “We don’t have his number.”

“Yeah, we don’t have Ringo on speed dial,” Samberg said. “But yeah, we just sort of cast a really wide net and had a huge list of people we would love to be a part of it and we were actually really fortunate, a lot of them said yes – clearly, a ton of people.”