Sunday, May 29, 2016

History: Beatles Book Monthly May 1966

While providing no explicit details about the Beatles in-production new LP (Revolver), the May 1966 issue of the group's official magazine mentions that band has been busy in the studio.

Contrary to an article in the mag's previous issue that mentioned the group's interest in recording in the U.S. - potentially Stax Studios in Memphis - the lead editorial makes clear that these sessions are taking place at Abbey Road:

In the Beatles Talk section, however, George Harrison again mentions that he'd still like to record in Memphis at some point:

Unfortunately, the band never made good on the plan.

George also discusses his continuing interest in Indian music:

The Beatles News section, meanwhile, includes an item about a new Beatle-model Vox amplifier:

... Ringo sympathizing with fans about Capitol Records' slicing and dicing of the band's British LPs:

... along with an article about the group's planned summer U.S. tour, which notes that a scheduled engagement in Philadelphia's JFK Stadium, a larger venue than Shea Stadium but will be attended by fewer people:

and, finally, this mention of the group's ever evolving-style changes:

Tune in next time, when we'll learn more about the group's next single, album and tour.

John and Paul with Beatles assistant Neil Aspinall (center) and press officer Tony Barrow (back to camera)

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