Friday, September 18, 2015

Michael Jackson "didn't eat much" during first visit with Macca

In a new BBC 2 interview, Paul McCartney recounts his work on the Pipes of Peace and Tug War -- both soon to be reissued -- and notes that Michael Jackson "didn't eat much" during his first visit with the star.
"He came over to England and he hung out with me and the family," Sir Paul said, "We had him to dinner, he didn't eat much."

 "I said 'Michael come on eat ya supper', but it was always a laugh. It was always a laugh. It was really nice actually because the guy that was with him who was not his minder, not his bodyguard, not his manager - he was just sort of like his companion, an older black guy - Billy - he took me aside and said 'you know this is really good for Michael'. I think it was the family life and Michael could just hang."

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