New complete BBC bootleg circulating

WogBlog has the scoop on a new, nicely packaged 24-CD collection of the Beatles' complete BBC Radio recordings.

The set is a significant update from previous collections in that it's more complete and sounds better.

Available via download, the set includes print-yourself artwork modeled on tape box design of Ken Howlett's recent book, "The Beatles: The BBC Archives 1962-1970." In fact, you can even place the CDs in the box accompanying the book if you wish.

Compilers of the set are urging fans to share the material freely and not charge for it. Inevitably, some folks will likely do so. Though the fan intent is goodhearted, this is a bootleg, in that the Beatles have not officially released most of the contents.

I've seen the files for the set pop up in a few different places, I'm sure you can find them, too.