Liverpool official overturns plans to redevelop Ringo's old neighborhood

A local government secretary has thrown out plans to redevelop the Liverpool neighborhood the includes Ringo Starr's childhood home.
Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles ruled that the demolition of much of Madryn Street would "significantly harm the ability to understand and appreciate this part of Liverpool’s Beatles heritage".

"Although there are many other surviving terraced streets in the area where visitors could go to see a similar environment to the one where Ringo Starr was born, the Secretary of State places importance on the actual street where he was born and he agrees with (campaign group) SAVE that the proposals would be short sighted as regards the future tourism potential of Madryn Street," said the report.

Pickles' judgement came in in a wide ranging, 81-page ruling, here, in which he declared he did not agree with the planning inspector’s opinion that the streets were "of low significance for Liverpool’s heritage".

The scheme had divided the community, with some wanting the clearance scheme to go ahead and others saying the houses should be refurbished.