New Zealand woman recounts breaking school rules to see the Beatles 50 years ago

Fun story in the Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand, in which a woman recounts flouting a school rule that required students to have permission from their headmistress in order to see the Beatles concert in that city 50 years ago.

Then 14-year-old Joanna Leighton Jones was called on the carpet after school officials saw her picture in the newspaper the following day:
"We all liked a different Beatle . . . I was determined I was going to marry Paul McCartney." The Town Hall crowd went absolutely crazy at being in the same room as the musicians. "It was extraordinary. The screaming - it really drowned out any of their music." But then the next day's Evening Post came out - and Leighton Jones noticed familiar faces staring out of her fellow commuters' afternoon papers.

"I was looking down the bus at all these photos of me and the other three.

"All across the back page - which was the equivalent of the front page now - were these dramatic photos of us."

School staff also spotted the pictures - and all four girls were summoned to the headmistress's office. "We were put on the mat for not asking permission."