Ringo's letters to pre-Beatles fan sell at auction

A batch of letters Ringo Starr wrote to a pre-Beatles girlfriend have sold for £16,250.

The letters were written in 1961 and 1962 to 16-year-old Doreen Speight, who Ringo met while playing with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes at at Butlin's Holiday Camp in North Wales.
Ringo wrote to her later in October 1962: “I got a phone call asking me would I join the Beatles and I said yes and I left Rory. “I am doing very well with the new group, we have a record out I hope you have herd (sic) it it is on (Radio) Luxembourg every night (also don’t forget to buy it).”
Speight told the Daily Mirror:
“He was known as Richard Starkey back then and we ended up spending the whole week together, having barbeques and beach parties after they had practised.

“We would sit in Rory’s car and Ringo would hold my hand and buy us non-alcoholic drinks, he was a real gentleman. When we left he told me to write to him.”