Giles Martin discusses remastering the "A Hard Day's Night" soundtrack in Beatlefan

The new issue of Beatlefan features an interview with Giles Martin about his work revamping the soundtrack for "A Hard Day's Night" for the newly restored version of the film. You can order the magazine here.

Read an excerpt from the Martin interview here.
"I'm mixing for the film. I'm not mixing for some sort of crazy release. It's not like a 'LOVE' thing. I'm mixing for the film, so I want to make people feel like they're hearing the records that they know, but I want them to feel closer to them. That's my goal. I want them to feel what I feel when I listen to the tape in the studio. I want people to feel the energy. That's the other key thing to me. The Beatles weren't old when they recorded those songs. I want that to come out. Sometimes, if need be, to create ambient sound, we'd do something like put 'She Loves You' on playback in [Abbey Road's] Studio 2, and then record the band in the room, if you like, to create surround that way."