Ringo Hints at New Beatles Project with Peter Jackson

The San-Diego Tribune today has a new interview with Ringo about his upcoming country album, his current tour and more - including this tidbit:

Q: Peter Jackson did a terrific job with “Get Back,” the 2021 Beatles’ film documentary. Might there be another Beatles/Jackson collaboration of any kind in the offing?

A: Not that we know of, yet, but we’re hoping. And so, I’m not going to talk about it, because he (Jackson) said “Yes.” And we’ve had a discussion about that “Yes,” and we need him to say “Yes” again. I’m giving all the secrets away here!

Ringo also elaborated a bit more on his feelings about the "Let it Be" film vs. Jackson's "Get Back" documentary:

Q: ...I’m also wondering if you could talk briefly about the restored version of (director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s 1970 Beatles’ film documentary) “Let It Be” that was released in early May. Have you reassessed your negative view of the original film? Or do you you suddenly see “Let It Be” in a new light, now that it’s been restored?

A: No, no, I always thought it was pointed in the wrong direction — only down. And that’s why I was so glad we found 56 hours of unused “Let It Be” footage, which had been hibernating, for Peter Jackson to use (for “Get Back”) ... I was disappointed with “Let It Be,” because I was there (when it was filmed) and we had lots of laughs, as you saw in the Peter Jackson edit.

We had a lot of fun. We did have a few rows (arguments) — that’s what a band does. But everyone thinks The Beatles are like angels and we shouldn’t fight. And we’d have little rows and then we’d get over it. Music is the most important part of what we did, you know, besides the friendships, of course.