Beatles' Restored 'Let it Be' - Review Roundup

Here are a few reviews of the restored "Let it Be" film - streaming on Disney+ starting May 8.

The Beatles’ Let It Be Finally Gets a Re-Release, and Shines On Its Own Merits - Consequence of Sounds

Now that it’s actually possible to watch Let It Be, though, the real difference between them becomes clear: Get Back is the history. Let It Be is a poem.

Beatles "Let It Be" doc: Disney+ restored version is a superb testament to resilience and creativity - Salon

Returned to its original glory, "Let It Be" is a work of sheer beauty, capturing rock ‘n’ roll’s most extraordinary foursome as they battled a series of daunting conditions and rediscovered their art in the nick of time.

The Long-Lost Beatles Doc ‘Let It Be’ Is a Musical Treasure - Daily Beast

The two projects complement one another wonderfully. Let It Be concentrates mostly on the music. Though there are some moments of the band goofing around together and, occasionally, getting irritated, it’s fair to call it Get Back’s greatest hits.

Review: ‘Let It Be’ is back – the classic Beatles documentary is newly restored - Datebook

McCartney is both the villain and the hero of “Let It Be.” He does all the talking, has most of the energy and sings most of the songs. Unlike in “Get Back,” in which he came across as a nice, enthusiastic guy trying to hold the band together, “Let It Be” is edited to make him seem overbearing. Meanwhile, the rest of the Beatles come across as practically inert.

Review: The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ is the most misunderstood music doc of all time — a newly restored version rethinks the bitter end of Beatlemania - Toronto Star

The film was entombed in the vaults, deemed best forgotten. But now there’s reason to think of it as buried treasure. As the restored version makes gloriously obvious, “Let It Be” also contains many moments of mirth and joy, especially the Jan. 30, 1969, rooftop concert atop the Beatles’ Apple Corps. London headquarters.