Up for Bid: Beatles Post-Break-Up Hand-Signed Promotional Contract

Via Heritage Auctions:

The Beatles Original Post Break-Up Hand Signed Promotional Contract (February 11th, 1975). Impressive piece of post-Beatles history. This example states that Jackwill S.A. will handle the promotion of Apple Corps Limited throughout the world excluding England and Eire. Time duration for the contract is 8 years for a fee of 40,000 pounds per year beginning January 1st, 1975.

"Jackwill S.A. will procure and provide such services for the purpose of promoting and exploiting the ACL commercial phonograph records produced by ACL for the benefit of ACL as ACL shall request throughout the world outside the United Kingdom and Eire." All four Beatles have signed this document beautifully. John Lennon has signed in black ballpoint pen. Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo has signed "R. Starkey" his legal name as required on all legal documents. R.D.A. Willis has signed on behalf of Jackwill S.A.

This is to date the last known Beatles record promotion contract signed by all four members of the band. The Beatles were no longer a musical group but they still conducted business on behalf of Apple Corps Limited.