Copy of Beatles 'White Album' Gifted by John Lennon Up for Auction

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Info via Heritage Auctions:

It does not happen very often where we get to offer such a dramatically rare and eye-popping cool piece of music history. On November 22, 1968 the Beatles released their first double album. Simply titled The Beatles (but commonly known as The White Album to the general public due to the plain white cover), it rocketed up the charts to number 1 in the UK, the US, and around the world. Called a masterpiece and the first album by the Beatles with four solo artists in one band. A little over 93 minutes in length and it took almost five months to make. The White Album's original working title was "A Doll's House," named after Henrik Ibsen's 19th-century play.

Most of these low numbered copies were owned by insiders or people close to the Beatles. This gem is no exception. It was given to Les Anthony by John Lennon himself. Les was John's personal chauffeur and bodyguard at the time. Mr. Anthony was hired about the time of the album's release and John quickly befriended him. He would often bestow gifts on Anthony when he called him from his Surrey mansion. This was indeed one of those gifts. It is also believed that Neil Aspinal owned number 0000006 of the mono issue. This album was eventually given to one of Mr. Anthony's relatives. The LP was re-discovered after a television show named Find a Fortune was discussing rare records and the owner contacted the TV program and expressed his interest in selling the album. The program then contacted Mike Vandenbosch of More Than Music who purchased the historic piece.

Tony Bramwell recalls that there may have been only four sets numbering one through twenty. These low numbers were given out by Apple to the band members, Neil Aspinall, Mal Evans, Derek Taylor, George Martin, and select others. You can become part of this elite group.

Here we offer an incredible "No. 0000006." The spine shows the designation of both stereo and mono. The original black inner sleeves are included. The jacket cover is in overall VG-EX 6 condition with some ring wear, bending, creasing, expected discoloration and staining. Disc 1 side 1 in EX-7.5 condition, Disc 1 side 2 in NM 8 condition; Disc 2 side 3 in EX-7, Disc 2 side 4 in NM-8 condition; The four photos in overall Very Fine condition; Poster measuring approx: 22 1/2" by 33 3/4" in overall Very Good to Fine condition. All in all this pure emotion channeled into music served as a wonderful conduit for creativity. There was enough material for a double album and sales of over 24 million and counting.

This was the first album project the group undertook following the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, in August of the previous year. The album covers a wide range of musical styles including folk, rock, music dance hall, blues, and the avant garde.

The Beatles traveled to Rishikesh, India in February of 1968 to explore new ways to grow and escape other than doing drugs. Transcendental meditation was being preached as the new way so naturally the Fabs were on board to take the ride and explore. There was no access in India to other instruments other than acoustic guitars so the compositions remained acoustic at least in their infancy. The sound was scaled-down and less reliant on studio tricks like their last efforts including Revolver and Sgt. Pepper.

Later described as the tension album, it was also the first time there were beds in the studio. Yoko Ono's presence during the sessions created tensions due to the previous policy regarding wives and girlfriends in the studio.

Producer George Martin took a sudden leave of absence -- and engineer Geoff Emerick quitting -- did not help the atmosphere which finally hit its breaking point when Ringo could not take anymore of the constant bickering and left the band briefly in August. He returned on September 3rd.

Some would say that The White Album was the beginning of the band's secret messages to the world. "Glass Onion" with "The Walrus was Paul" line and "Revolution Number 9" played backwards. The loop of "number nine" featured in the recording fueled the rumors of Paul McCartney's death because it sounded like "turn me on, dead man"...

To date, The White Album has become the fourth highest certified release in US history. We cannot stress enough what a once in a lifetime opportunity this low number #0000006 provides. This hits all the sweet spots and checks all the boxes, so do not miss out on adding this cornerstone record once owned by John himself to the collection.