Campaign to Name Birthplaces of John, George and Ringo as Heritage Sites

Liverpool's Oxford Maternity Hospital, birthplace of John Lennon

From the BBC:

Campaigners have bid to give the birthplaces of The Beatles registered status and get official recognition for "where it all started".

SAVE Britain's Heritage has applied to list two homes and a maternity hospital in Liverpool where George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon were born.

Charity director Henrietta Billings said they were "key" to the Fab Four's "individual and collective story".

Sir Paul McCartney's birthplace at Walton Hospital is already protected.

Ms Billings said the sites drew fans of "the most influential band in the history of global popular music" from across the world, and were deserving of protection.

"Our message to the government is let these buildings into your heart," she said.