Book Series on Beatles Recordings Added to Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Library

Recording engineer Jerry Hammack's excellent, five-book "The Beatles Recording Reference Manual Series" has been added the permanent collection of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Library.

I've reviewed a few of Jerry's books for Beatlefan and view the entire series as the best, one-stop reference for anything you'd need to know about the band's recordings, from when they were held, how they were created, who played which instrument and even what types of guitars and amps were used.

More info about this honor:

The books of audio engineer and producer Jerry Hammack, author of The Beatles Recording Reference Manual Series, have just been accepted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives permanent collection in Cleveland, Ohio.

An affiliate of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Library is a primary resource for information on Rock Hall Inductees and Nominees, rock-related subjects, and Rock Hall education programs and exhibits. For Hammack - whose books have been recognized by The Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) and are centered on telling the story of how The Beatles recorded their classic hits from first take to final remix - having his series made part of the collection is truly an honor and thrill.

The Library is available to the public online, or in-person by appointment, for popular music research and includes databases, catalogs, archival collections and more.

Jerry Hammack has dedicated 35 years to the musical arts and is uniquely qualified to sort out the story of The Beatles' recordings. His series of books, comprised of five volumes, includes song-by-song descriptions of the entire recording process, diagrams allowing readers to follow the critical milestones of the work, detailed session-by-session breakdowns of the people, instruments and studio tools used, and useful appendices covering release versions, gear, and more. Bibliographical references provide a pathway for additional scholarship derived from Hammack's relentless research across countless book, audio, photographic, and other sources.

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