Watch "The Forthlin Sessions" - Performances by Emerging Artists at Paul McCartney's Childhood Home

Videos from the National Trust in Britain, which is sponsoring these performances.


Four new artists perform their songs inspired by the music of the Beatles at 20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool – the house where Sir Paul McCartney grew up and helped form the Beatles. 

In this video, you can watch performances from Serena Ittoo, HUMM, Emily Theodora and Dullan. These performers have all written songs inspired by the legacy of the Beatles. The final performance is from former Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts students Jan Holberg and his band, who were given special permission from Sir Paul McCartney to perform a cover of his song ' My Valentine '. 

The performances took place in the front room and Paul McCartney' s childhood bedroom. 2022 is an important year for Beatles fans. 

It’s Sir Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday, 60 years since ‘Love Me Do’ became their first single, and 65 years since a teenage Paul first met a young John Lennon. To celebrate these anniversaries and the place where it all began, we’re bringing music inspired by the Beatles back to this historic house.

Many early Beatles hits were written at 20 Forthlin Road, including ‘She Loves You’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and ‘Love Me Do’. The house is now being looked after by the National Trust, as well as the childhood home of John Lennon, Mendips in Liverpool.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up with a global pop star? Imagine sitting in an armchair as they piece together classics such as ‘Let it be’ and ‘I saw her standing there’ in the living room. 

Mike McCartney knew just what it was like to live in such an ordinary yet extraordinary home – his brother, Paul McCartney, was instrumental to forming the Beatles. 

20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool, now cared for by the National Trust, was a place where the McCartney brothers found their creative passions. While Paul was finding his feet in the world of music, Mike embraced his passion for photography. 

In this video, Mike shares his stories about growing up and explains why it’s so important to preserve the history of 20 Forthlin Road. You’ll also meet Simon Osborne, General Manager for the Liverpool Portfolio, who will reveal more about how the National Trust is caring for a house that represents so much to so many.