Paul Recommends Band - Hardwicke Circus - for Glastonbury Stage

British band Hardwicke Circus will play the Rabbit Hole stage at Glastonbury this weekend after Paul McCartney recommended them to festival organizers.

Via CumbriaCrack:

Paul contacted the team behind the stage and suggested Hardwicke Circus for a slot.

Lead singer, Jonny Foster, 26, said: “It’s completely mind-blowing.

“The idea our great hero has listened to us and is a fan of our music is really something.”

...The six-piece met while they were students at Nelson Tomlinson school in Wigton and have since amassed a large following across Cumbria and beyond.

Johnny said he was a huge fan of The Beatles and Paul. He added: “It doesn’t get much better than The Beatles, we’ve learnt, played and studied their songs and movements, they inspired us to create music.”